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Future Business Solutions customers

Tim Crighton- Director, County Group / County Insurance

We have been dealing with Stuart and Future Business Solutions for the last 2 years.
They have organised and consolidated our non-geographic number platform and have been especially helpful porting our more obscure but historically important numbers. On top op this, they have been supplying us with bespoke call volume reports that are essential to the Marketing ROI and performance monitoring of our sales staff.
Recently they have worked in a consultancy capacity for us saving £18,000 per year on our standard communications. Stuart’s expertise in this area really allowed our understanding to deepen and to drill down into every aspect of our communications – broadband and telecoms are a significant area to our business with 3 offices, 80 staff and 3000 inbound insurance enquiries per month.
Their advice has been essential with our recent new office development.
Stuart was aso able to highlight weaknesses in our business continuity plan and offer a disaster recovery plan that fully covers our voice traffic whilst offering flexibility for our users and savings on our outgoing call traffic.
I would fully recommend Stuart and his team’s services to all businesses. They are easy to work with, speak in plain English and give an array of digestible options.
Best regards.

Paul Blanchard- Managing Director, Cheshire Concrete Products ltd

We have been dealing with Future Business Solutions Ltd over the past two years for all of our landline and broadband communication needs at both our Middlewich and Wrexham offices.
Just recently they resolved an on-going dispute we were having with BT over reconciliation charges, resulting from a rolling call plan that we were unaware of. They managed to negotiate an overall saving of £403.61 (exc VAT). For us to have dealt with this ourselves would have been extremely frustrating and time consuming. Their expertise in dealing with this dispute meant that it was resolved in a timely and efficient manner with minimal input from ourselves.
I would fully recommend Stuart and his team to any business looking for a trustworthy communications provider with excellent ongoing customer service support.

Sheena Holdcroft-Carr- Director, T.G. Holdcroft Motors Ltd

We have been dealing with Stuart from Future Business Solutions Ltd for our mobile and landline communications over the past ten years.
Every year they have offered us excellent advice and reduced our costs. Our account managers, Lynn and Janette, offer us a consistently high level of customer service.
Stuart has recently reduced our communications bill by £10,000 a year in line with the recent wholesale call rate reduction.
He has also offered us a disaster recovery solution that will safeguard our voice communications, with the additional benefits of flexibility and cost reductions on set up and tariffs
I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart and his team’s services unconditionally.

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